Entry Gate Automation

Entry Gate Automation & RFID Solutions

Running a manual security system at the gate might work, but it is not accurate and reliable. And where security is paramount, there is a need to monitor and track vehicle’s entry and exit. If you are looking for an excellent technology-based solution for optimized gate entry security, the automated gate entry system permits the entry of only authorized vehicles.

Entry gate automation is more like a fail-proof RFID-based solution for the automatic entry of vehicles. In recent times, the Radio Frequency Identification system is the perfect solution for secure access, especially in street tolling facilities, parking lots, airports, and borders, as it records the entry and exit of vehicles in and out of secure area automatically.

And at Generic Technologies, we specialize in entry gate automation, vehicle monitoring, attendance management, and RFID solutions for several gates and entrance designs, including sliding gates, boom barriers, turnstiles, and rising bollards to stop unwanted vehicles from entering into an area.

Our gate entry automation solutions :

  • Allow entry of authorized vehicles only
  • Track and record the details of visiting vehicles
  • Initiates an alert when there is a delay
  • Generate timesheet report