Fire Alarm System Solutions

Fire safety has become a top priority and an essential aspect of every building. And the sooner a fire is detected, the faster you can respond to the situation. When it comes to fire protection, fire detectors, and fire alarm systems are essential. And at Generic Technologies, we provide highly sensitive fire detection system solutions, which can be fully integrated into your building control system for smart fire detection to reduce fire impact and loss.

Whether it is for a home, business, or industrial purposes, provided you are permitted to install a fire alarm system on your property, we can help you. At Generic Technologies, we provide all types of fire alarm systems, including conventional for alarm system, twin wire fire alarm system, addressable fire alarm system, and wireless fire alarm system. As a reliable full-service fire protection installation company, our concern is not just to give you a fire system that works accurately, but also to make sure that the automated notifications and emergency communication are effective.

What we offer

  • Installation of fire alarm systems
  • Servicing, management, and maintenance of fire protection devices
  • Round-the-clock alarm monitoring and immediate response
  • Fire alarm testing
  • Heat, smoke, and carbon monoxide testing